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Banana Time

We are looking for Ladies who will be part of an Art Installation on February 10th at ROUGE 58. We will document you eating Bananas shot on Polaroid. For more information please write us.

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Saturday Dec 11th at ROUGE 58 IHMDJ! Presents, The Brooklyn Artist Project Launch Party & Art Exhibit

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The Brooklyn Artist Project, at it's core, is about giving fresh and independent visual artists a platform to share their story with the world and connect with like creative minds. Our primary goal is to introduce new emerging artists and give some insight to their talents, inspiration, and process. For the Issue One collection our focus is Brooklyn artists, but hopefully with your support and participation, we can expand to other cities, states, countries, and even planets.

Issue One - Artist Installment:

Mr. Day Job
Lee Trice

The Brooklyn Artist Project Launch Party & Art Exhibit

Saturday December 11th, 2010, 5pm - 10pm

Rouge 58
555 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211


Jasmine Solano - http://jasminesolano.com/
NineLives The Cat - http://www.myspace.com/ninelivesthecat
Nikko - http://soundcloud.com/hold-wrist-twist
Dirtyfinger - http://dirtyfinger.tumblr.com/

Complementary Beer and Wine
Limited Edition Artist Tee's + Artwork + Giveaways

Afterparty at The Cove,
108 N. 6th St Brooklyn, NY 11211
Free entry & $4 wells and drafts with IHMDJ! wristband




Rouge 58 presents Kareem Black Exhibit B Recap

Thank you to thestillgroup for the short film